Month: January 2020

Nature Painting

Canvas, Colors and Earthly Inspiration Grab your paint brushes, pens and pencils, and take in a landscape or a leaf. As you sketch, discover a complex and awesome planet, this Earth. Nature is an inspirational subject. It evokes a spectrum of emotions – awe, fear, compassion, sadness, happiness and others. Let your interpretations of your…

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NATURE POD: Just Goosin’ Around

On this exceptionally warm winter day, people and other animals flock to the community gardens. Tune in to children and geese gingerly sharing a pond-side setting. Will this gathering of geese ever find a clear runway for take-off among their many fans? Get an inside listen to this gaggle at the gardens. -Lisa B Interesting:…

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NATURE POD: Wintering Woods of Thorncrag

Trek through the snow-covered forest of Thorncrag, pausing only for the sounds of wintering creatures and muffled babbling brooks below ice. Among the cadence of footsteps, hear the history of the Sanctuary and how it came to be a protected natural place at the edge of town. -Lisa B Interesting: Did you know trees go…

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