Sounds from the Narrowest Main Street in the World

It’s early morning on the balcony, overlooking what’s recognized to be the narrowest main street in the world – the Placencia Sidewalk in Belize.

Leaving winter behind in the States, I planned my visit to coincide with Placencia’s 18th Annual Sidewalk Art Festival. There is no better way to get to know a place than by way of long hikes through its countryside and intimate conversations with its artists. Before the bustle of vendors and visitors arrives this day, birdsongs waft to me on warm morning breezes. The tropical birds balance on palm fronds across from me. An occasional early riser shuffles along the sandy concrete below, walking the 3/4 mile-long sidewalk flanked with modest storefronts and sandy alleys that lead to resting beachfront tiki bars.

I have long waited to visit Belize, this enchanted country I’ve heard about in dreamy conversations. I side-stepped its bustling tourist spots and headed south to Placencia to experience a confluence of cultures and what draws expats to a better way of life here. My expectations were exceeded by welcoming people, the quaintest village, and the most incredible tamales I’ll ever savor. 

I invite you to join me on the balcony for sounds of morning on the Placencia Sidewalk.

-Lisa B

Visit A Trust Fall in the Jungle for more Belizean adventure.

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Music Credits:
Jal – Edge of Water by Aakash Gandhi
by Steven Adams
Drumming by Garifuna Drummers
Ponte de Abril by Steven Adams

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