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Ecopsyched! is a nature-based storytelling project that celebrates our wild connections.

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A quick intro:

I’m so glad you’re here! I’m Lisa B, an everyday adventurer and storyteller. I’m an enthusiastic traveler, from Zimbabwe to Belize to Hong Kong and beyond. I’ve been a nature enthusiast upon being born into the fields and forests of rural Maine and a storyteller since talking incoherently with animated hands in my high chair. Dare I say my stories got better as I learned to speak words, read, and write my own picture books as a young girl. I won a one-act play during my awkward junior high years in front of the entire high schoolcharacter building. The list goes on, and I now lead outings and nature-based story circles to connect folks to each other and the natural world. More about me and this Ecopsyched! passion project below, but first…

A bit about you:

So far, what I know about you is that YOU are a natural born storyteller. We all are!

Perhaps you’re thinking you don’t have any interesting stories to share. We all do! In fact, you’ve been telling stories in some form your entire life (see animated hands comment above). Your most engaging stories may be born from the briefest experiences you’ve tucked away. I will help you mine through your memories for moments you feel comfortable sharing. 

Maybe you’re worried you’re not extroverted enough to tell stories. Not to worry; the Ecopsyched! storytelling framework will give you the supportive space and confidence to share the stories you know best. Remember, they’re your stories, and any way you tell them is correct. And telling your stories makes you relatable to others, forming authentic connections. Meet others on common ground in the outdoors, offering you a breath of fresh air (literally) and other proven health benefits of spending time in green spaces. Cool!

Ecopsyched! Storytelling Outings

Ecopsyched! leads paid organized storytelling outings and free pop-up story circles. Offer your co-workers or family and friends an opportunity to nurture deeper connections through storytelling under a canopy of trees. Schedule a storytelling outing for conference attendees who may not yet know each other, but soon will through laughter and tears. And be on the look-out for intimate pop-up Ecopsyched! story circles, connecting and delighting accidental storytellers around the world.

I look forward to meeting you in the circle!

-Lisa B

Our team actually had fun at a work team event! As the group leader, I’m always looking for fun ways to get the team together to get to know each other better, strengthen our relationships and learn new things. The Storytelling teambuilding event with Ecopsyched! met all of those goals! Our team laughed, learned and even cried together and learned to build clear, concise, effective stories. I will definitely use Lisa again and I highly recommend her outing.
Jessica Ryan
National Eye Institute
National Institutes of Health

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A Passion Project


Lisa Barry

Everyday Adventurer and Storyteller

Born with an unquenchable thirst for exploring, I've had the good fortune of spending most of my career traveling as a live events graphic designer. Outside the airports, hotels, and ballrooms, I seek the smell of wet soil and long days in the forest. It's no surprise that time spent in nature offers proven health benefits, from lowering blood pressure to reducing stress and depression.

In 2012, I completed a Master's Degree in Expressive Ecopsychology, the study of the relationship between humans and the natural world (and our chronic Western detachment) and the potential for immersive creativity to deepen our wild connections.

In 2019, I launched Ecopsyched! with the goal of connecting people to each other and nature through creative expression. Today, Ecopsyched! is a storytelling project, facilitating planned and pop-up story circles in natural spaces. Storytelling is our most inherent creative expression. Everyone has a story to tell, and all are invited.


Lisa B has a B.A. in Visual Communications and an M.A. in Expressive Ecopsychology. When she's not leading outings, she's designing, painting, hiking, traveling, playing, and exploring all the nooks of her home base near Washington, D.C.
Ecopsyched! Storytelling Outings Leader
Sierra Club Outings Leader
dtWFA Certified (disaster+travel+Wilderness First Aid)
CPR/AED Certified for All Ages

Without a moment today to walk barefoot in the grass?

Even the sounds of nature may be recuperative. Berman and colleagues found that study participants who listened to nature sounds like crickets chirping and waves crashing performed better on demanding cognitive tests than those who listened to urban sounds like traffic and the clatter of a busy café (Van Hedger, S.C., et. al., Psychonomic Bulletin & Review, Vol. 26, No. 2, 2019). 
American Psychological Association

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