Beautifully Blazing

24 ounces of water does not a hydrated, five-mile walk in the desert make.

It’s not uncommon for me to veer off track—in the forest and in life (squirrel! squirrel!). Exploring and experimenting run through my veins like the humble pie I serve myself every now and then.

Luckily, technology has caught up with my explorations, and I can see I’ve been distracted by pretty flowers and wispy clouds over distant hills, adding several miles to my underprepared outing. I anticipate my adventure will outlast my single layer of 50 SPF.

More than a Mirage

While wayward in a desert, out of water under an unrelenting sun, a small oasis emerges before me like a mirage, with a real-life bench under the most huggable tree. I rest in the shadows for a spell to evaluate my situation.

Photos © Ecopsyched! | Lisa Barry
A Desert Oasis in the Shade

As I sit, parched, I’m reminded that expert adventurer, Chevy Chase, persisted through blazing heat and prickly cacti after a horrific car crash in the desert with his family. (This is how rumors start.)
I can do this.

I Can Do This

I emerge 20 feet from my sit spot, cars continuing to blow by me on a busy five-lane thoroughare in lovely Paradise Valley. Yes, I’m perfectly suburban with access to Ubers and sympathetic (assumption untested) passers-by, should I find myself laid out flat on the sidewalk. Yet, I endure the hot, arid, three-mile walk back to my home base for the week, for there’re more flowers to smell along the way. And all ends well.

Photos © Ecopsyched! | Lisa Barry Lisa B smelling desert flowers

The upside to my harrowing adventure? I’m toting my new “Arizona” Trader Joe’s bag with frozen vegan tikka masala and egg frittatas…and both are thawed and fully cooked by the time I walk through the front door. (JK 😉)

Photos © Ecopsyched! | Lisa Barry Trader Joe’s Arizona bag

The Stories We Tell

Everyone has stories to tell, and the smallest, otherwise forgettable moments often make for the best storytelling. This one, while true (dehydration headache in full effect), has been scripted to add a little humor to your day.

Please Note:

The outings I lead are fully planned and mapped. The only improvisations occur inside our marvelous storytelling circles.

Happy adventuring, friends!

Stay hydrated.

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2 comments on “Beautifully Blazing

  1. Pat Johnson says:

    Enjoyed this cute story and lovely photos!
    Nice job, Lisa!

    1. Lisa B says:

      Thank you, Pat! 😊

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