Month: February 2020

Interactive Garden

Create an Interactive Oasis at Home I wish I could take even partial credit for this beautiful garden in my neighborhood. The truth is, I’m a simple benefactor of others’ creativity and hard work, and of the peace and inclusion the garden adds to the community. From the carefully selected flora to the inviting benches…

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NATURE POD: At The Feeder

It’s winter and pickings are slim. Tune in to this free-for-all at the feeder where wily creatures of land and air compete for seeds and personal space. Thanks for eavesdropping at the feeder with me! -Lisa B Interesting: You’re not alone if you’ve wondered whether providing food for birds in the winter is helpful or…

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NATURE POD: Quiet Waters

The South River flows for 10 miles before entering Maryland’s treasured Chesapeake Bay. Along the way, the gentle waves of the tributary lap against its sandy shores. The subtle sounds of tumbling sand and tiny bursting bubbles shape these moments on a sunny afternoon in a park called Quiet Waters. Thank you for sharing in…

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