Month: December 2019

Macro Photography

Explore hidden wonders through macro photography. Experiencing feelings of awe in nature is often associated with grand views such as mountain landscapes, starry night skies, and towering redwood trees. Yet, there are wee wonders that tend to escape everyday human perception. Discover the tiny intricacies of a beautiful world through macro photography. The investigative process…

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This bumblebee is busy at work with the tasty task of pollinating. Tune in to hear the fervid flight of this delightful little creature. It’s been a busy year at Ecopsyched! too. In fact, it’s been a busy few years of dreaming up this passion project, editing the first feature episodes, developing the creative, and…

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NATURE POD: Rainstorm

Plunging from the clouds and crashing to earth, each raindrop is part of a rainstorm symphony. The intermittent winds swell and the ground saturates. Delight in a collaboration of elements in this “Rainstorm” episode. Interesting: Did you know that the sound of rain has a color? “Aren’t sounds invisible?,” you might ask. Have you heard…

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