Meet the curious and inspiring Sandalwood Man as we explore his work to save the forests of Big Island Hawai’i. From convincing state officials to charming the halls of Washington, from planting thousands of seedlings with his own hands to educating island youth about the natural world around them, it seems there’s no length he wouldn’t go to enchant the landscape of Big Island.

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If you’re interested in nature, trees, sandalwoods, reforestation, conservation, solar power, sustainability, planting, growing, earthbags, cindercrete, building, Hawai’i, Big Island, Volcanoes National Park, Mark Hanson

Notable Times:
0:38 – Arriving on Big Island
3:14 – Driving across the island
4:42 – Meet The Sandalwood Man!
5:42 – Why the sandalwood tree?
7:59 – Big Island volcanoes
9:12 – The nursery
12:01 – Fundraising
13:35 – His story
15:22 – His foundations
17:19 – Hawai’i Law of the Aloha Spirit
18:37 – Climate change, Mark goes to Washington
23:48 – How do we inspire people to care?
24:29 – Affecting climate change
26:40 – Fresh coconut
27:34 – Volcanoes National Park, Territorial Foresters
30:26 – Forest C.P.R.
30:42 – A healthy sandalwood in the wild
31:40 – His future plans
32:50 – Learning to regrow the forest
33:27 – Teaching Hawaiian youth
33:49 – Building his new home (earthbag building, cindercrete)
36:41 – Growing food for others
37:46 – One last question
38:30- 2017-2018 Progress Report
38:58 – Letter to the People of Earth

Support the Hawaiian Reforestation Program:
Go Fund Me

Hawaiian Reforestation Program

PO Box 711734
Mountain View, Hawaii 96771
(808) 769-0683

Tree of Heaven (more about Mark Hanson)
1992 Earth Summit
Hawai’i Law of the Aloha Spirit
Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park
5 Major Volcanoes of Big Island (and a 6th submerged)
CalEarth (earthbag building, cindercrete)

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Hawaiian Nose Flute by Mark Hanson, The Sandalwood Man

Carbon Footprint Offset:
This episode was created while working on Big Island Hawai’i in support of a wetlands conservation organization.

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9 comments on “FEATURE: The Sandalwood Man

  1. Mark Hanson says:

    Thank you all, who hear the call, to cure us all. However small, we are, all part of it all.
    The Sandalwoodman

    1. Lisa B says:

      Thank you for letting me share your story, Mark! You are a national treasure.

  2. Jessie says:

    Great interview! Not only was it uplifting and fun, but very educational as well. Thank you Mark, for sharing your story. It has truly inspired me to do more.
    Jessie – Minnesota

    1. Lisa B says:

      Thank you, Jessie. I’m so glad you enjoy Mark’s story as much as I do!

    2. Richard Iaconetti says:

      I want to add more sandalwood to my Silvo grazing lands on West Maui.

      1. Lisa B says:

        That sounds like a wonderful plan, Richard. I hope to someday visit Maui and experience the landscape there.

        Thanks for tuning in to The Sandalwood Man episode and Mark’s remarkable story.

        -Lisa B

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