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Bonaventure Cemetery: Garden for the Gone

Walk With Me In The Storied Gardens Of Bonaventure Bonaventure Cemetery in Savannah, Georgia rests on land once the...

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Giant Trolls of the Forest

Giant Trolls are Guardians of the Seeds “Giant Trolls in the Forest” is the first in a new collection...

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Fairies In The Forest Upcycle

A Very Fairy Beach Lighthouse Not My First Fairy Home Annmarie Garden’s annual Fairy & Gnome Home Festival offers...

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Fairies In The Forest

Magical Fairies and a GIVEAWAY The Lure of Magic Imagine, me at age *ahem*, sporting my own pair of...

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Cherry Blossoms Upcycle

Tiny Upcycling Brainstorming I’ve always found joy and peace in creating art, particularly painting. I more recently found that...

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Cherry Blossoms

Bloom of the Cherry Trees The Perfect Day I had been planning for a couple months to visit and...

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