Fairies In The Forest Upcycle

A Very Fairy Beach Lighthouse

Not My First Fairy Home

Annmarie Garden’s annual Fairy & Gnome Home Festival offers children and adults alike an opportunity to get creative. I created my first fairy home for the festival in 2012 with downed bamboo and other natural materials. Complete with tower-top glass domes housing a reading nook, swing set, and tree of life, I adored this tiny townhouse community. When the summer of 2012 ended, I collected my project and displayed it in my yard for another six years, until it could weather the elements no more.

My Second Fairy Home

Fast forward to 2021 and I’ve created my second fairy home for the festival. This one offers a different aesthetic, using man-made materials and elements from my previous “trashy treasure” finds and upcycle adventures. If you recognized any of these repurposed elements, you may have participated in the GIVEAWAY contest last week (winner announced in this episode!).

Can you identify the pieces below that have appeared before in the Ecopsyched! upcycle line-up? Revisit them and watch my fairy beach lighthouse come to life in this “Fairies In The Forest Upcycle” video below.

Welcome to the Fairy Beach Lighthouse. Let’s dive in!

New Adventures

I’ve had a blast creating outdoor adventure and upcycle videos since November. As it should, the Ecopsyched! initiative is evolving. I will continue to have adventures outside (and clean the trails I visit) and repurpose materials into art. I am reimagining how this will look in order to build a sustainable creative business so I can continue to dedicate my time to Ecopsyched!

Stay tuned for my new 100 Day Challenge. I will create one painting per day using a variety of inks and surfaces (many upcycled). I’ll share my progress regularly on the Ecopsyched! YouTube channel. Don’t forget to subscribe (and also hit that notifications bell) to never miss an adventure! Join me on Instagram too!

Thank you for joining me on this and future Ecopsyched! adventures!

Stay happy and healthy.

-Lisa B

My Video Gear

Art Materials

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Fairies In The Forest Upcycle: Copyright © Lisa Barry 2021.

Revenge Body Beat by Nana Kwabena
8th World Wonder by RKVC
Ice Cream by Joey Pecoraro
Ebb and Flow by Dyalla

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2 comments on “Fairies In The Forest Upcycle

  1. Ron says:


    This newest creation of yours is imaginative, colorful, cheerful, and inspiring — in other words, just plain fun — at a time when we need it most.

    Thanks for brightening my day. Looking forward to your next work of art.



    1. Lisa B says:

      Hi, Ron! Thanks for joining me for this upcycle adventure. I’m so glad you enjoyed it. I loved creating it.

      -Lisa B

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