Giant Trolls of the Forest

Giant Trolls are Guardians of the Seeds

“Giant Trolls in the Forest” is the first in a new collection of Ecopsyched! “Shorts” that will introduce to you nature and art wonders from around the world, each adventure packaged inside three inspired minutes.

An Enchanted Forest

Upcycle artist, Thomas Dambo, and his team create giant trolls out of reclaimed materials. His creations are found around the globe, delighting folks young and old.

FRODE*, pictured below, is one of five trolls at Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens in Boothbay Maine. The trolls are hidden in the mystical woodlands, beyond the flowering gardens. Follow the Gardens map to discover these enchanting beings who protect ten golden seeds of the forest.

*Please note: The troll identified as FRODE on the artist’s website and in this video is identified as BIRK at Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens.

FRODE (also identified as BIRK at the Gardens) by Thomas Dambo, Guardians of the Seeds troll

Read the story of the Guardians of the Seeds at the link below.

Thank you for joining me on this and future Ecopsyched! adventures!

Find yourself outdoors.

-Lisa B

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Giants in the Forest: Copyright © Lisa Barry 2022.

Immortal  by NEFFEX

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