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Painted D.C. Upcycle

“Trashy Treasures” Bag It’s Not a Bottle (yay) During last week’s outdoor adventure, I navigated main roads and neighborhood...

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Painted D.C.

This Colorful City The Iconic Murals Washington, D.C. is a hub of culture and art, and the artwork is...

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Vanadu Steampunk Upcycle

Feeling Steampunked What’s a Steampunk?Many of us have heard the term “steampunk,” though we may not know what it...

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Vanadu Art House

A Home Covered in Upcycled Art The House of My DreamsOkay, maybe I don’t want to live in the...

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Meridian Hill Park is Malcolm X Park Upcycle

Beautiful Trash Is this a joke? A pizza box, a take-out bag, and a thrift store frame walk into...

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Meridian Hill Park is Malcolm X Park

Black History Month and a Park Steeped with It Is it my place?I asked myself this question quite a...

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