On this exceptionally warm winter day, people and other animals flock to the community gardens. Tune in to children and geese gingerly sharing a pond-side setting. Will this gathering of geese ever find a clear runway for take-off among their many fans?

Get an inside listen to this gaggle at the gardens.

-Lisa B


Why is a group of geese called a gaggle? Expert and author of eleven books about birds, Laura Erickson explains “migrating geese form lines or V’s that reminded someone long ago of a skein of yarn—hence, a group of geese in the sky is called a skein. But when a flock of geese is on the ground, it no longer forms a skein—grounded geese mill around gregariously, forming a gaggle.”

Did you know that geese form partnerships just like humans? According to the World Animal Foundation, “a pair of geese will get together to raise a family and, for the most part, will stay together the rest of their lives (up to 25 years), raising new families each year.”

You go, geese!

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2 comments on “NATURE POD: Just Goosin’ Around

  1. Elaine says:

    Really enjoyed spending some relaxing time with you at the feeder, the river, and the park today, Lisa! Just the tonic I needed on a winter’s day. Thanks!


    1. Lisa B says:

      Hi, Elaine! So glad you were able to unwind with Ecopsyched! I love that you took advantage of these virtual getaways. See you on another one! -Lisa B

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