Nature Painting

Canvas, Colors and Earthly Inspiration

Grab your paint brushes, pens and pencils, and take in a landscape or a leaf. As you sketch, discover a complex and awesome planet, this Earth.

Nature is an inspirational subject. It evokes a spectrum of emotions – awe, fear, compassion, sadness, happiness and others. Let your interpretations of your surroundings color your canvas.



  • Tools (paintbrush, pen, pencil, hands +)
  • Medium (acrylic, oil, watercolor, ink well, Photoshop, organic media +)
  • Canvas (paper, canvas, rock, log, computer, digital sketch pad +)


Instructions for painting are mere guidelines to be followed, or not. Sure, you can take a class on how to draw a watercolor figure. You can also explore your own methods and develop your own expressive style, whether interpreting the world around you or creating an entirely new landscape. You simply need to be perceptive within your environment and within your own vivid imagination.

Sit quietly in a place, observing the sights, sounds and smells. Paint within that environment, or paint at home, recounting the experience. Remember how you felt at dusk on a warm summer day, overlooking a sleepy green valley. Or daydream of a place you’ve never been, conjuring it in your mind and on paper.

Starting with a blank canvas is one of the most intimidating steps in any project. Simply make that first brush stroke and keep going. Remember, everyone is an artist, and every work of art is beautiful to someone.

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-Lisa B

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