The First Ecopsyched! Upcycle

Chesapeake Bay Upcycle Accomplished!

Have you ever seen a pretty piece of trash and thought it would look nice on your mantel? No? Trash rarely reveals its potential without some intention on behalf of the spectator.

More often these days, I catch myself staring at metal scraps and driftwood. Perhaps it’s because of my new Ecopsyched! upcycling venture. This won’t be my first personal upcycling project though; I tried it once before. A few years back, I read the directions in a power saw manual and took a shot at a few shipping pallets. Several years later, a wooden snowman and four trees still light up the front yard for the holidays.

Last week’s Ecopsyched! outdoor adventure episode brought us to the cliffs of the Chesapeake Bay where we found this contorted contraption. Join me on this first ever Ecopsyched! upcycle adventure to find out what this is and what becomes of this trashy treasure find. Tune in to the episode below, and thank you for coming along the adventures with meI love your company!

-Lisa B

Do you enjoy getting creative? Have you tried upcyclingfinding trash or other unused materials to create new art? I’d love to hear about your adventures in art-making. Please leave a comment below!

Until next time, stay safe and healthy.

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The First Ecopsyched! Upcycle: Copyright © Lisa Barry 2020.

Mosswood by Steve Adams
A Caring Friend by  Bad Snacks
Arpy by Dan Henig
RESPECOGNIZE by Diamond Ortiz

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