The Christmas Pine

The Rooted Holiday Tree

One of my favorite holiday memories is trudging through the snow as a child with my family to cut our Christmas tree. I loved being in the woods, the smell of pine sap, and the warmth of holiday feelings. As an adult, I appreciate my Christmas trees rooted and growing tall, collecting freshly fallen snow on their hefty evergreen branches.

Borrowed Christmas Traditions

Did you know many Christmas traditions are borrowed from other cultures? Early Romans and Egyptians brought vines, ivy, and palms into their homes to celebrate. Yule logs were part of ancient winter solstice celebrations. And gift-giving mythical beings were, and are, part of local traditions around the globe.
9 Christmas Traditions With Pagan Roots

From boozy eggnog to ugly Christmas sweaters, check out HISTORY’s list of modern Christmas traditions and their origins.
HISTORY – How 25 Christmas Traditions Got Their Start

My Own Traditions
I was not raised in a religious home. Like others, my family borrowed Christmas traditions for the feelings of cheer and sense of togetherness they bring. As an adult, I celebrate the season with hot cocoa, sledding, and twinkling lights on my surprisingly realistic and skinny fake tree.

2020 will be the first year I will not celebrate Christmas with my parents, due to Covid-19. We will find each other on Zoom and come together again next year. I hope you find yourself healthy and happy this holiday season, whether it be on your own or with loved ones. Here’s to the arrival of 2021!
Join Me
Will you join me on this holiday-inspired adventure in search of The Christmas Pine? Along the way, we’ll clean the trails and collect some trashy treasures for the next upcycle episode. And please share your favorite holiday memories in the comments below…for Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Diwali, Winter Solstice, Chinese New Year, and others!

-Lisa B

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The Christmas Pine: Copyright © Lisa Barry 2020.

Christmas Chores by RKVC
Falling Snow by Aakash Gandhi
Night Snow by Asher Fulero
Home for the Holidays by Chris Haugen

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