We all need it. But what is space, and how do we maximize the space we have?

The concept of space depends on context. It can refer to the dimensions of a physical area, like a living room or a parcel of land. The puppy had plenty of space to race around the back yard. Space sometimes refers to a measure of time. Do you have enough space to complete the project without feeling rushed? Space might even allude to free thought or creative license. She was given space to freely envision the concept for the new car.

Whatever the context, space is a factor in our daily lives.

Space means all of the above for me and my Ecopsyched! endeavors.

Space: A Physical Ecopsyched! Studio

Perhaps you’ve developed a new understanding of your space at home after spending more time there than usual. Maybe you and your space are a perfect fit. Or maybe you’ve sketched a comprehensive home renovation on the back of April’s calendar page (ahem).

I travel quite a bit for work, so working in a shared space at home was an infrequent challenge. I’m also obsessed with tiny homes, and the less I have, the lighter I feel. Now that work travel is on pause, I find myself seeking out a space of my own in the small 1940s cape cod I fell in love with years ago. (Reconsidering that tiny home obsession.)

In order to assign myself a quiet space where I can create my art and record Ecopsyched! stories, I had to audit the existing use of space in my home. As a result, what was once the sole guest room is now my artist’s studio. It’s small, but I happen to love it because it’s all mine. It’s a bright, dedicated space where I can play my music of choice and paint undisturbed. I just have to watch my head when I stand up from my art table at the edge of the dormered room. (Guests used to love that!)

With my reallocated studio space, I now have my very own podcast booth too! Yes, it is a dormered closet at the edge of the room. And yes, it is also a linen closet. But it turns out that my neglected childhood desk fits perfectly in the space, and the linens provide practical sound insulation. It may not be glamorous, but it’s Hollywood (better yet, community theater) to me. Stories are born here!

Space: Time to Create

This one was gifted to me. I had grown accustomed to scrambling to create Ecopsyched! content around an already hectic schedule. From late-night narrations and outlining episode ideas at 30,000 feet, it was difficult to focus on my Ecopsyched! initiative. When my full-time work in the events industry came to a halt due to a global pandemic, my passion project filled that vacuum of time.

As my full-time job revives in a virtual landscape, I wonder which way I’ll ultimately steer. Will I choose to dive back in? Or, in a leap of faith, will I jump ship into my passion project, time fully consumed with storytelling and outdoor adventures. Stay tuned!

Space: Creative License to Dream

My mind is currently all mine. In a project driven by me, I have the freedom to invent stories that matter to me (and to my listeners, I hope), illustrate in an unconventional style (below), and plan for future outdoor Ecopsyched! adventures.


Having unlimited creative license comes with one drawback – vulnerability. This solo style of creating and sharing content can be unnerving. I feel exposed each time I release an episode. On display are the inner workings of my mind through my stories and illustrations. My voice is in earbuds from Indiana to Indonesia (analytics are cool!). My point is, creative license is liberating, but I still rely on feedback to know if what I’m putting out into the world is of value to others. I hope you’ll share your thoughts about Ecopsyched! with me!

Your Space!

Are you reimagining the space in your home, on your clock, and in your head? We may not be living in our ideal homes or perfect work lives, but there is always room to reframe the space we do have. Whether you share an apartment with 6 family members and can only find your ‘space’ under a tree in the park, or you live in a mansion with no one space that inspires you, you have the power to reconfigure your space (in all contexts).

In the comments below, please inspire me (and our readers) with your ideas for modifying the spaces in your life. You can also comment and share photos of your spaces on this Ecopsyched! Facebook post.

Stay healthy and inspired!

-Lisa B

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