Graffiti at High Rock Upcycle

How to Upcycle a Glass Bottle with Graffiti Art and Foil Flowers

The Challenge

Do you set realistic goals for yourself? Too often, we expect more of ourselves than others hope from us. We are hardest on ourselves when we should be cheering ourselves on for every hurdle leaped, high and low.

My biggest obstacles come from expectations I set for myself. With each upcycle comes a voice that nudges me to create something unique, to try something no one has tried before (that I know of). So, every other week I take stock of the trashy treasures I collected on the trail the week before, and I challenge myself to be inventive.

The Log

I had designs on creating a piece of art from a painted log I found in the woods at High Rock while collecting trash. It would involve a fresh coat of blue paint and some resin to dazzle it up. Sure, the log is not trash, per se, but it has been marred by graffiti, and I wanted to show it a little love.

As I worked with the wood, it became clear that it was in no mood to collaborate. Wear and tear and time had softened the pulp. Saw dust came off with each swipe of my brush, and I knew if I continued, the artwork would have a limited shelf life. I decided to leave the wood in peace.

Just Another Bottle

I moved on to the all-too-common glass bottle upcycle. I found a Corona bottle among the trash in the woods, and I tidied it up with soap and water. I was still hooked on the blue paint from the log, so I gave the bottle several coats to cover the branding. (Can you imagine what it was like to erase the word Corona from sight during this project? Cathartic!) When the paint was dry, I would attempt a style of art I hadn’t before, one that was reflective of the graffiti at High Rock and customized for Ecopsyched!

What to Put in a Vase?

There would be limited uses for my painted bottle when it was ready. The bottle was too deep and the neck too narrow to store pens and pencils, and the paint was too susceptible to moisture for live plants. I still had another piece of trashy treasure from High Rock that might serve its purpose here. I got to the task of trimming this foil balloon for its second act.

A painted bottle, a foil balloon, and a graffiti theme walk into a studio. What comes next? I hope you’ll join me for this week’s upcycle episode below with trashy treasures from High Rock!

There are trashy treasures outside your door, waiting for your creative touch. Please let me know in the comments below what art you’d create from a bottle and a balloon found in the forest!

-Lisa B

Thank you for joining me on this and other Ecopsyched! adventures!

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Graffiti at High Rock Upcycle: Copyright © Lisa Barry 2021.

Fridaze by Lauren Duski
Dive Down by VYEN
Find Your Way Beat by Nana Kwabena

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