Below the Cliffs

Little Revelations Below the Cliffs

I’m psyched to invite you along on my first video adventure. Join me for a zen-ful experience below the cliffs of the Chesapeake Bay. And get a peek at the trashy-treasure that will become the first ever Ecopsyched! upcycle project (tune in next week).

I didn’t realize it would be, but creating this first adventure video was instrumental in defining a new direction at Ecopsyched!. The process of visiting the shore, exploring, filming, and editing helped me fine-tune what it is I want to share with others. It comes down to simplicity.

I’m familiar with the area along the shore that I visited, and I know some of its history. I recorded both scenic and informational clips for this episode. As I edited the footage, it became evident to me that I’m an expert at very little. I struggled with what was becoming a mini documentary. I had to take the night off to consider what was making me so uncomfortable with my video, and I was re-editing first thing in the morning.

I realized my goal with Ecopsyched! is not to spout facts and data, but rather to share simple experiences outdoorsthe very experiences that inspired me to start Ecopsyched! in the first place. I want to share with others the peace, healing, inspiration, magic, and interconnectedness I feel in natural places. Sure, in some circumstances we experience anxiety, fear, and sadness; in fact, these are the reactions that often trigger survival mode and keep us alive. Experiencing a well-rounded collection of emotions makes us feel alive and connected to a magnificent planet that quite literally creates, and runs through, our veins.

This revelation in both creative concept and editing style brought me a relief I didn’t know I needed. It feels as though Ecopsyched! has landed on its vlogging (video blogging) missionto introduce others to natural places much as they might first experience them on their own. I hope the experiences I share encourage others to pursue their own natural-world adventures.

And, as always, curiosity and creativity go hand-in-hand. I channel my nature inspirations to get a little creative. I hope you’ll join me in getting a creative too!

Lisa B

I’d love to hear from you. What emotions does this video bring about for you? And where do you find creative inspiration? Please share your comments below.

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Below the Cliffs: Copyright © Lisa Barry 2020.

Vacay in Fiji by Konrad OldMoney
Perrywinkle by The Mini Vandals
Eternal Garden by Dan Henig
She No Dull Beat by Nana Kwabena
Shadowing by Corbin Kites

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2 comments on “Below the Cliffs

  1. Jessie says:

    Loved the adventure! What a beautiful day to go beach combing.
    I can’t wait to see what becomes of the trashy treasure you found 🙂 Did the little green guy under it come home with you too? Lol!

    1. Lisa B says:

      Hi, Jessie.

      Thanks for tuning in! Yes, my little alien friend came home with me per his mangled spaceship. I’ve since dismantled it for Friday’s episode, so he’ll be staying on for awhile. 🙂

      I hope you’ll stop by on Friday for a peek at his repurposed spacecraft!

      Lisa B

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