An Abandoned Stone Mill

Seneca Quarry's Abandoned Stone-Cutting Mill

Happy New Year!

It’s a brand new year, and I hope it finds you safe and well. I’m grateful for the continued opportunity to share Ecopsyched! adventures in nature and art, and I hope they offer you moments of inspiration. Find yourself outdoors and getting creative this year.

I’m kicking off 2021 with a reclamation adventure because what’s more fitting right now than a comeback story?


Join me for an eerie exploration of Seneca Quarry’s stone-cutting mill along Maryland’s C&O Canal. Listen for voices of the past. Read messages from the present, spray painted in bold colors. And marvel at the trees towering through a once bustling quarry mill.

During filming of this episode, I couldn’t help but imagine the men who toiled herethe physical strength required to perform their work, and the mental fortitude to stay the course. From the 1780s to 1900, some were immigrants, some may have been slaves, and others in the later years were freedmen. I imagined I could hear their voices and their tools at work, metal against stone.

Learn the history of the quarry in Garrett Peck’s *The Smithsonian Castle and the Seneca Quarry and through the NPS’ Register of Historic Places for Seneca Quarry

Nature’s Way

I’m fascinated by the resiliency of nature. Whether it’s a dandelion that finds its way through a sidewalk crack or a forest reclaiming an abandoned structure, nature always wins. There’s something inspiring in the way she patiently awaits her opportunity to rebound.

And I continue to search out trashy treasures as I clean the trails I visit. With these art materials in the rough, I dream up the next upcycle episode. My cogs are turning thinking about what to do next week with my finds from the quarry!

Please join me on this Seneca Quarry outdoor adventure with a (nature) perseverance theme to kick off this first day of 2021.

I wish you a healthy and happy new year!

-Lisa B

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An Abandoned Stone Mill: Copyright © Lisa Barry 2021.

Reasons to Hope by Reed Mathis
Voices by Patrick Patrikios
Silky Smooth by Audio Hertz

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2 comments on “An Abandoned Stone Mill

  1. Elaine Barry says:

    Loved this episode, Lisa! What a beautiful spot to explore. Think I’ll delve a little more into its early history. Just finished a book (for the 2nd time) on John Adams. Wonder if he walked the quarry?!

    Thanks for your work (and art!),

    1. Lisa B says:

      Hi, Elaine. Thanks for your note! I’m glad you enjoyed this adventure. This place is intriguing, and I plan to go back to attempt (lots of brush to navigate) to see it in the summer. I’d be interested in learning who walked the halls of this mill too.

      Happy New Year!

      -Lisa B

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