After playing tourists for two exciting days in Beijing, we’re brimming with anticipation. It’s finally time to meet Daphne!

In this third and final episode of Adopting Daphne, we fly south to Guangzhou where Steph and Daphne meet for the first time. We spend nine days getting acquainted, going to scheduled appointments, completing official paperwork, and exploring the city. At the end of it all, a family will be complete.

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If you’re interested in adoption, foreign adoption, foreign travel, China adoption, China travel, tourism, China in-country flights, Guangzhou, gotcha day, tears

Notable Times:
1:58 – In-country flight
5:28 – Arrive in Guangzhou
9:25 – Money exchange process at bank and hotel kiosk
11:25 – Adoption Registry Center
12:41 – Daphne!
17:25 – Liuhuahu Park
19:31 – Medical appointment
21:20 – Shamian Island
23:19 – An adoptive father’s story
25:49 – Leaving Guangzhou for Hong Kong
28:59 – Traveling home
30:45 – Home!
32:11 – Two years later

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Bethany Christian Services
China Adoption
Gotcha Day
Liuhuahu Park
Shamian Island

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4 comments on “FEATURE: Adopting Daphne: Daphne (Episode 3 of 3)

  1. Rose says:

    Such a beautiful story, Lisa. One I’m sure this family will treasure always. You have a gift. You captured and documented moments, sights, sounds, words, emotions, culminating in the making of a family. Thanks for sharing their story so beautifully. XOXO

    1. Lisa B says:

      Rose, I’m so glad you enjoyed their story. It continues to be a lovely journey, and I’m thrilled to have a window into it. And “Adopting Daphne” was the inspiration for ecopsyched! I’m grateful you tuned in! ❤️

  2. Carolyn Campion says:

    Wow, Lisa! What an amazing gift you have given to the Brown family in creating these podcasts! You’ve captured such an amazing moment in their lives!

    — Carolyn Campion

    1. Lisa B says:

      Hi, Carolyn! I’m so glad you think so. It was a gift to me to be a part of the adventure, and I was excited to document the journey for their family. Thank you for listening! -Lisa B

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