China encourages adopting families to experience Chinese culture. Two days of tourism were planned for our group before going our separate ways to meet the children. The sites, sounds and tastes were unforgettable.

In this second episode of Adopting Daphne, an agency guide shows us major attractions in and around Beijing, including Tiananmen Square and The Great Wall. We also get an intimate peek into everyday life in the city when we visit a tea room and go into a local neighborhood by rickshaw for a private lunch.

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If you’re interested in adoption, foreign adoption, foreign travel, China adoption, China travel, Beijing, Tiananmen Square, The Great Wall, cloisonné, jade, hutong, acrobatic show, theater, tourism

Notable Times:
:53 – Money exchange in hotel
1:55 – Guide discusses tourism and adoption
4:14 – Tiananmen Square
5:31 – Into hutong with private lunch
12:44 – Tea room
15:25 – Drinking water
15:58 – Day 2 itinerary and lessons
19:02 – Cloisonné Factory
20:49 – The Great Wall
24:05 – Jade Factory
24:58 – Chaoyang Acrobatic Show

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Bethany Christian Services
Drinking water in China
Tiananmen Square
Cloisonné Factory
The Great Wall
Chaoyang Theatre

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