video shorts

Bonaventure Cemetery: Garden for the Gone

Walk With Me In The Storied Gardens Of Bonaventure Bonaventure Cemetery in Savannah, Georgia rests on land once the site of Bonaventure Plantation. The year 1850 saw the first burials in its soil. In his 1916 book, A Thousand Mile Walk to the Gulf, the man coined “The Father of Our National Park System,” John…

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Giant Trolls of the Forest

Giant Trolls are Guardians of the Seeds “Giant Trolls in the Forest” is the first in a new collection of Ecopsyched! “Shorts” that will introduce to you nature and art wonders from around the world, each adventure packaged inside three inspired minutes. An Enchanted Forest Upcycle artist, Thomas Dambo, and his team create giant trolls…

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