Listen & Draw: Nature

Create Abstract Art to the Sounds of Nature Have you ever wondered about the color of a frog’s croak and the shape of a bee’s buzz? Let abstract art unfold at your fingertips to the sounds outside your door. Or tune in to Ecopsyched! Nature Pods for audible inspiration. No experience necessary! Explore the project…

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Nature Painting

Canvas, Colors and Earthly Inspiration Grab your paint brushes, pens and pencils, and take in a landscape or a leaf. As you sketch, discover a complex and awesome planet, this Earth. Nature is an inspirational subject. It evokes a spectrum of emotions – awe, fear, compassion, sadness, happiness and others. Let your interpretations of your…

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Ecopsyched! + Solar Painting

It’s ecopsyched!’s first blog post! Ecopsyched! is an initiative to promote healthy relationships with nature, of which we’re part. The foundations of Ecopsyched! are rooted in the principles of ecopsychology (learn more about ecopsychology). That is, interaction with the natural world can bring about both physical and emotional benefits for humans, and in turn, benefits…

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