outdoor adventure

Cherry Blossoms

Bloom of the Cherry Trees The Perfect Day I had been planning for a couple months to visit and film the cherry blossoms at the peak of their bloom. The first day of this peak-blossom time frame came four days earlier than predicted by meteorologists. When I saw the ticker at the bottom of the…

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Spring Fling Frogs

The Sound of Spring An Unexpected Experience Walking onto the trail beside the river, I was expecting simply to enjoy the sun on my face and a soft breeze on a warmer-than-average early spring day. My experience was so much more. It was a first for me, and it made me question my worldly notion…

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Graffiti at High Rock

The Graffiti Brought Me Here High Rock The platform on top of High Rock in Maryland once launched hang gliders into the skies high above the Pennsylvania valley below. Gliders no longer launch from the rock due to safety concerns, unless permission is granted by local officials. First responders urge visitors to practice responsible behavior…

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