NATURE POD: Wintering Woods of Thorncrag

Trek through the snow-covered forest of Thorncrag, pausing only for the sounds of wintering creatures and muffled babbling brooks below ice. Among the cadence of footsteps, hear the history of the Sanctuary and how it came to be a protected natural place at the edge of town. -Lisa B Interesting: Did you know trees go…

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NATURE POD: Northern Lake

Kayak a Maine lake and listen for the calls of the locals. Let your thoughts live in the soothing sounds of water and the nostalgia of summer camp. You Might Also Enjoy:NATURE POD: Anacostia River Music Copyrights:Mama’s Whisper by The 126ersYou’re free to use this song in any of your videos.Moving On by Wayne JonesYou’re free…

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