STORIES: The Vagabond of Puddle Pond

About The Vagabond of Puddle Pond: There once was a man who roamed the countryside with bare feet. His shirt was tattered, and his pants were too short. Over his shoulder he cradled his favorite crooked walking stick. Tied around the end of that stick was a quilt that hung like a bag and carried…

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Interactive Garden

Create an Interactive Oasis at Home I wish I could take even partial credit for this beautiful garden in my neighborhood. The truth is, I’m a simple benefactor of others’ creativity and hard work, and of the peace and inclusion the garden adds to the community. From the carefully selected flora to the inviting benches…

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NATURE POD: Wintering Woods of Thorncrag

Trek through the snow-covered forest of Thorncrag, pausing only for the sounds of wintering creatures and muffled babbling brooks below ice. Among the cadence of footsteps, hear the history of the Sanctuary and how it came to be a protected natural place at the edge of town. -Lisa B Interesting: Did you know trees go…

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